The Secret is Out:

Electric vehicles are hot!

Thousands of Canadians want to buy an electric vehicle, or EV. That's because they're fun to drive, affordable to run and maintain, and will go the distance—all while helping keep our air clean.

Electric vehicles have come a long way and are quickly merging into the mainstream. Credit unbeatable performance, bigger and more powerful batteries that let us roam farther between charges, and public charge points popping up everywhere.


Our Challenge:

Where are Canada’s “missing” EVs?

Unfortunately, Canadians don’t yet have access to the full range of electric cars available in the United States—particularly those offered in California, where a law requires car companies to sell a minimum percentage of zero-emissions vehicles.

Those EVs that we can buy are only available in very limited quantities. Wait lists are also common.

We just aren’t getting anywhere near the quantity and selection that our neighbours in the United States enjoy. That’s not right.


The Solution:

A strong Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy

Our government needs to make sure Canadians have access to the same range of electric vehicles on the market in California and other U.S. states. After all, a new car is a big commitment. Why shouldn’t Canadians have the chance to try before we buy?

The federal government’s forthcoming national Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy is our best opportunity.

If Ottawa requires a set portion of all the vehicles sold in Canada to be electric, that will push automakers to make more EVs available for Canadian drivers to buy or lease. And research shows that when there are more EVs around to consider, more people will choose them.


Take Action:

Help lead the charge

Here’s where you come in. Use the form below to contact the federal ministers heading up the National Zero-Emissions Vehicle Strategy. Tell them you want the plan to include policies—like those used in California—that will significantly increase the supply of electric cars in Canada.

We’ll include your Member of Parliament and your province or territory’s ministers of transportation and environment on your message.

Thanks for helping make sure Canadians get the chance to make our own EV choices!

About Us is a collaboration between five Canadian organizations and institutions working to advance electric mobility: The Atmospheric Fund, Clean Energy Canada, Environmental Defence Canada, Equiterre, and the SFU Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team.